Living Mindfully: With Cancer and Illness

The diagnosis of cancer, chronic pain or other serious illness profoundly impacts our lives. It is normal to feel sad, angry, helpless or worried about the future and there may be unexpected challenges on the journey with illness, including family and relationship issues, alterations in body image and fluctuating energy levels. There’s much we can do to improve our health and create an environment for profound healing.

In this inspiring and uplifting workshop, Bernadette Arena outlines all the evidence-based avenues for improving health and promoting healing. 

What were once thought of as ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ treatments are now widely acknowledged as being integral to a person’s healing regimen. While medical teams focus on eradicating disease, Quest’s focus is on empowering people to heal.

This workshop is interactive – questions and discussion are welcome.


  • Neuroplasticity – change your mind = change your brain
  • Epigenetics – how YOU control the environment around every cell
  • Meditation, mindfulness and living in the present
  • Managing emotions
  • Peace of mind = the physiology of healing

You’ll leave this day

  • Equipped with knowledge and practical strategies to create wellness
  • Knowing how to change your brain and body towards health
  • Knowing the keys to peace and resilience
  • Inspired and motivated to make mindful living a foundation for life  


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