Living Mindfully: Wellness for Women

As women, we're adept at multi-tasking and combining family life with work and friendships. But sometimes, especially in the lead up to Christmas, our 'cup' gets a little drained and we need to top it up.

Running on half-empty can cause disharmony and imbalance internally and externally as you struggle to keep it all together. Taking time out for YOU is essential from time to time to reduce your stress levels and recharge your mental and emotional spirit.

Join Bernadette Arena for a day to focus on improving your emotional health and wellbeing. Using gentle methods of yoga and movement, meditation and mindfulness activities, this workshop will help you build a framework of self-care strategies to improve your emotional equilibrium, balance your nervous system and your responses to life's challenges.

Special guest Ganga Karen Ashworth is sure to delight as you learn how to change the way you feel through the power of sound and intention.

You'll leave the day

  • Recharged, refreshed and relaxed
  • With gentle techniques of yoga and relaxation to replicate at home
  • With strategies to regulate and improve your emotional stability
  • Knowing how to use the power of your voice to self-calm
  • Understanding the power of inner stability
  • Ready to embrace summer and the Christmas season with an open heart


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