Trauma-affected people and communities need your help

So much has happened in 2020 with drought, bushfires, floods, dust storms, Covid-19 and the effects of lockdown and isolation. Finding understanding and meaning in tragedy and loss is a challenge. Lost lives, lost environment and animals, lost homes, lost jobs, lost income, lost opportunity – lost peace.

Quest services are needed more than ever in 2021. With the right tools, skills, strategies and a healing environment, Quest makes a profound difference in people’s lives – enabling people and communities to heal from trauma. Please help us to meet that need.

How your donations help people in need

Long-term research on the impact of Quest programs found that over 90% of participants had improved their quality of life and felt more in control of, and able to make changes to, their life.

Our Appeal to you…

Please help us expand our services for people most in need!

Whatever you can give, you’ll make a profound and positive difference in someone’s life. 

We are so grateful and appreciate the generosity of the Quest community, which has enabled us to deliver our programs and workshops to over 125,000 people over the last 31 years. In these times of change and uncertainty, your tax-deductible donation will help us continue to provide our services to people most in need of them.

Please help us continue this important work by making a tax-deductible donation via our secure online donation form. Thank you for your consideration and support, which are deeply appreciated.